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Here on our page dedicated to Blacklisted Online Casino, you will find a directory of 109 online gambling websites that have proved themselves to be untrustworthy in the past through actions such as lack of transparency, failure to meet promotions, poor treatment of clients, and even scamming players. The purpose of this list is to help you know which are the operators you might want to steer clear of. 

Blacklisted casinos are online gambling websites deemed unreliable or dishonest by our Support Team and Fraud and Quality Assurance Department via thorough round-the-clock assessments. This is possible not only because of the teams themselves but also with the help of our active and vigilant player base which can signal any irregularities or odd behaviors they encounter. In this way, we manage to keep a close eye on every single online casino displayed on and determine which are worth your money and which aren’t. 

Our team at has four main reasons for blacklisting casinos. You will find them enumerated and explained below so that you gain a better understanding of what actions result in adding the ‘blacklisted’ label to an online gambling website.  

  • Failure to Roll Out Bonuses and Winnings. Rogue casinos use bonuses and attractive prizes to lure players in and give the impression that they are trustworthy. However, when punters go to withdraw their winnings, they are met with a slew of questionable excuses, refusals, and delays. We blacklist them as soon as this type of conduct goes out of hand and becomes the standard. 
  • Unfair Behaviors and Scamming. Unfortunately, some rogue operators take the whole scamming aspect one step further and start using non-licensed products that allow them to meddle with numbers and negatively impact odds. Tilting the balance to favor the casino means that players find it virtually impossible to win, which is a monumental faux pas in our book.
  • Low-Quality Customer Support. It’s no secret that reputable casino operators always keep their communication channels open for players in order to assist them with any issues that might arise. Some of the rogue casinos on this list didn’t abide by this principle, either by offering vague or inappropriate answers or by simply refusing to reply altogether. 
  • Refusal to Honor Affiliate Commissions. Online casino brands that refuse to honor the commissions they owe to affiliate sites are automatically blacklisted. While this doesn’t affect players directly, it does prove that they don’t run their business in an honest manner. Websites that fail to respect contractually binding agreements are often of the same caliber as those who scam or mistreat clients. 

Scroll down below to discover the 109 online casinos that have been blacklisted by You can filter the list with the tools on the right and discover those that are available in United States so that you know which websites to avoid. In addition to this, you can also sort the list according to software provider or payment methods, so that you don’t get confused by an untrustworthy casino that runs on your favorite software or offers the banking option of your choice. If you are interested in a list of trusted operators, check out our Most Liked Online Casinos page, which contains a directory of 50 websites that have been widely appreciated by players. As always, safe gambling is the best type of gambling, and this list will definitely help you make the right choice!

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