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Bitcoin (BTC) emerged in 2009 and it is a worldwide peer-to-peer legal electronic, independent, and decentralized digital currency. This means that it has no bank or administration while working through its own network. The required data for the Bitcoin transactions are kept in Bitcoin wallets, and, as currency, Bitcoin is obtained through mining. In the video below you have more information about Bitcoin and how it works:

It is private, but users may have to verify their identity in the withdrawal process, which means that you can send the online casino’s customer support some bank required documents. These papers depend on each bank, casino, and process, so you should ask the online casino for this information. Bitcoin can be bought from various specific platforms or exchanged via accepted payment providers. 


Down below, our team at have listed some of Bitcoin’s features for your convenience:

  • Bitcoin Wallets. A Bitcoin wallet is used to store the information needed to access your funds. There are many types of Bitcoin wallets, from mobile ones to paper or hardware ones, each offering different security levels and features. 
  • Security. Bitcoin is not tracked by a third party or person, as it is a part of a bank or controlled by someone. All the funds are actually relying on Bitcoin addresses, so the payments and the personal data attached to them won’t end up in the wrong hands. 
  • Direct Transfers. Being an independent currency, Bitcoin provides users with immediate transactions, which also makes it a really simple way to transfer money, gamble at online casinos that accept Bitcoin, and even shop online. 
  • Global Access. Bitcoin is accepted globally, as users can purchase it, exchange it, and pay with it almost anywhere today. For this reason, Bitcoin is one of the preferred favorable paying alternatives for online casino players.


Firstly, in order to get BTC and play in an online casino from the list above, you have to buy it from specialized sites. After you have obtained the desired amount of Bitcoin, you must create an account with a Bitcoin wallet, and we recommend you to be extra careful on what you choose, so take your time and see what suits your needs. You will then be able to make the payment to your online casino of choice’s deposit. The process should be instant and you will be already ready to play!


Bitcoin is available on mobile through many mobile applications, through the apps of some renowned payment providers, like PayPal, and can also be chosen as a payment method through various exchange markets, like Forex. Transfers are instant on mobile as well, so the whole concept is quicker and easier for users who prefer to pay with Bitcoin via mobile and also gamble with BTC at an online mobile casino.


After you chose your online casino from the list above, you are ready to deposit with Bitcoin. Usually, if you choose a credit card or bank transfer, the online casino will charge you some fees or, sometimes, it will even pay the fees for you, but Bitcoin, by its nature, does not charge fees. Once registered at your casino account, you will get a Bitcoin address which you will use in order to make an instant transaction, depending on the blockchain confirmations. These confirmations represent a number of blocks placed in the actual blockchain after your transaction’s block. 

In order to withdraw your winnings, you will be required to send your coins to your exchange service’s address, sell your Bitcoins, and proceed to make a transfer or choose another withdrawal method, like PayPal. Keep in mind that you may need to provide bank documents. However, you also have the option to download a Bitcoin wallet, in order for this process to be easier. 


Is Bitcoin legal for gambling in online casinos?
Yes! Bitcoin is 100% legal in general, even if it is untracked and unregulated. The exceptions are Algeria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Egypt, and Morocco, where Bitcoin is not available and also prohibited. There are also restrictions in countries like China or Canada. For more information, you can look up online to see which are the restrictions that apply for your country.

What are Bitcoin wallets?
There are many types of Bitcoin wallets that you can sign up for, and we will give you details about them right now. Mobile ones can be used in physical stores and are much easier to use. Online wallets rely on third parties for hosting, while the Software ones are downloadable for PCs. Hardware Bitcoin wallets store your information offline, while Paper wallets are the safest option, consisting of a paper-printed QR code. Consider all these conditions and make your choice wisely!

Is Bitcoin available for US players at online casinos?
Yes! You can use Bitcoin as a payment method for online gambling if you are from the US. Bitcoin, as cryptocurrency, is available at every online casino from the list below that is playable from the US.

What is the best rated Bitcoin online casino?
We at know that sometimes it can be hard to decide upon an online casino. However, everything is easier now with our online casinos reviews pages, where you can read and leave honest impressions yourself so other players can make an opinion based on other real experiences. Good luck gambling with Bitcoin!

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