Get ready for a really cute, Eastery- themed online slot from AllWaySpin! A July 26th release, this game is surely one of the prettiest you may have come across in a long time. Bunny Circus is our pick for the Game of the Month winner here on On this page you can read more about it and what it takes for an online casino game to be the monthly winner on our website.

Keep reading about Scatter triggering free games, Random Wilds, and more in the categories below.

A Brand New July Release

Bunny Circus is a 5x5 format slot, with 50 paylines and a really pretty and colorful theme. The bunny symbols will come out from some sort of bunny-shaped Easter eggs, and the spinnin’ goes from left to right, which makes the slot’s design really unique. 

The bets go from €0,5 to a maximum of €50, which also makes it a penny slot. Only the highest win will pay per one line, if only there is not a Scatter, because the Scatter pays any. Bunny Circus is a medium volatility slot, according to the AllWaySpin’s official website.

AllWaySpin’s Bunny Circus slot features:

  • Scatter Symbol. 3 or more Scatters will trigger a free game we will discuss below.

  • Wild Symbol. This will replace all the other symbols, except for the Scatter.

AllWaySpin Bunny Circus paytable

The Bunny’s Wild Show!

Let the magic begin! Bunny Circus features Random Wilds. This means that the Wilds can fill in for any normal symbol by completing the winning paylines, in order for you to win more money! With all these, you can wil worth 10,000x your total stake, with a 200x maximum multiplier. 

With 3 or more Scatters you can trigger Bunny Circus free games, where you can gamble in order to get even more money. Bunny Circus’ free games aren’t really games, but more like some sort of free spins, in which the Bunny Joker will take your side, as you can see in the picture below.

This slot is really adorable and entertaining, and it also has many things to offer. You just can’t get bored while enjoying this slot, thanks to its amazing features and aesthetics.
AllWaySpin Bunny Circus free game

Bunny Gives You Even More!

AllWaySpin’s Bunny Circus slot also gives you a smooth gambling experience, where you only have to spin the reels and enjoy the winnings. There are no errors or glitches, even if the game is a new release. Let’s find out more!

  • Standard RTP. Bunny Circus has a RTP of 95.59%, which is an average percentage among online casino slots. Also, the game features a 43.08% hit rate.

  • Medium Volatility. Medium volatility slots will always let you win, all while taking the risks while you set your bet. There is nothing better than a challenge!

  • Mobile Compatibility. Bunny Circus is available in mobile casinos thanks to AllWaySpin’s advanced HTML5 technology. As long as you have a smartphone or tablet, you can play Bunny Circus anywhere, anytime!

  • Enhanced Graphics. Bunny Circus’ interface and animations work flawlessly. Therefore, you won’t encounter any lags or glitches while gambling your money!


AllWaySpin has created the perfect childish and adorable online casino slot for our August 2020 Game of the Month winner position. Let Bunny and its acrobats get you through the Circus, all while winning lots of real money!

The game has a lot of features and opportunities, so make sure that you take your time in order to see them all and study the game’s paytable. You can do this from your computer or mobile device

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