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Start the year with awesome wins with the Game of the Month of January 2023 - Frutopia by Tom Horn Gaming!

Be warned, this is not your usual fruit online slot game! If you also enjoy everything that is related to the cyberpunk universe, you might find Frutopia to be a really proper choice for your future gaming sessions.

Frutopia - The Next Level Fruits

The futuristic design is what captures our attention first when we start playing. Moreover, the background music is what elevates the cyberpunk vibe of the slot.

But Frutopia, developed by Tom Horn Gaming is not just about the design. What really makes it an amazing game are the offered features.

Frutopia Levels

frutopia levels

The game comes with 5 Frutopia levels, and they all have different numbers of active ways and symbols.

Once you enter the game, you will notice 2 bars on the lower side. They indicate the progress through your current level. Once you progress through a level, a new reel will appear, up to five reels.

The levels will then reset and start over with one reel. This will happen by losing a streak of winning combinations. However, the loss can be prevented if you land on Red Energy Core symbols.

On the other side, the Green Frutopia Bar will be completed by landing on the Green Energy Core symbols. Once the bar is full, you will move to the next level.

Energy Cores

Energy Cores are the special symbols connected to the two Frutopia Bars. You will encounter the Green Energy Core symbols and the Red Energy Core symbols, the ones that we presented earlier, and create the movement through levels.

frutopia energy cores

Frutopia Free Spins

When you reach the 5th Frutopia Level and fill all the sections of the Green Frutopia Bar, 10 Free Spins will be rewarded to you. Once you finish the Free Spins, you will be taken back to the first Frutopia level.

Game Details

  • RTP - 92.08%

  • Volatility - High

  • Maximum Win - 3190x

  • Minimum Bet - €100

  • Maximum Bet - €0.10

Frutopia - The Future of Fruit Machines

Frutopia is a game that really impressed us and we are excited to announce it as the Game of the Month of January 2023 as this is a great way to start the year!

You can try it for free on our platform and if you want to try the real deal, claim a bonus and get ready for awesome wins!

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