This month, we invite you to join the hunt for the elusive lucky ducks in The Last Quack - the Editor’s Pick Game for May 2023.

Developed by Mancala Gaming, this arcade-style game combines pixelated retro design with immersive play, bringing you an unforgettable experience in the world of countryside hunting.

The Last Quack Online Gambling Game Start Screen

The Last Quack - A Thrilling Duck Hunting Adventure

The Last Quack takes you on a thrilling journey through picturesque landscapes of wooded hills and sunlit meadows, where flocks of lucky ducks fly by. As you traverse the scenic area, your focus will be in the sky, aiming your trusted shotgun at the moving targets.

The Last Quack Online Gambling Game Gameplay

Pay attention!

In the game, you will encounter ducks of different colors acting as moving targets. Each round has 10 targets, and the more targets you hit, the more winnings you get, and the chance to apply multipliers increases. Each duck has a different value and hit chance.

Multiply Your Wins with Multipliers

The Last Quack offers a chance to increase your winnings with multipliers. The more targets you hit during one round, the higher the multiplier applied to the total win!

Hitting more than 6 targets results in an x2 multiplier, and more than 8 targets in an x8 multiplier. If you manage to hit all 10 targets during one round, the total win is multiplied by x100.

Bonus Game & Retrigger Feature

The Bonus Game is launched when no targets are hit during one round, granting the player 10 free rounds. The probability of hitting the target increases and wins are multiplied x5 in the Bonus Game.

The Retrigger Feature provides an opportunity to achieve additional free rounds during the Bonus Game. If a Special Target is hit during the Bonus Game, an extra 5 free rounds will be granted.

Bloody Mode & Buy Bonus Feature

The Last Quack offers a Red Duck button that allows you to switch between normal and bloody modes, adding an extra element of excitement to the game.

Additionally, the Buy Bonus Feature offers the opportunity to buy the Bonus Game for a 10x bet amount, giving you an extra chance to increase your winnings.

The Last Quack Online Gambling Game Big Win

The Last Quack - A Retro-Styled Arcade Classic

Mancala Gaming has created an engaging and vibrant game that pays homage to classic arcade games, combining the thrill of the hunt with the nostalgia of pixelated design.

If our May game pick has piqued your interest, head over to the games section of our website or claim a bonus to take The Last Quack for a spin!

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