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Game of the Month January 2017

Friday the 13th, one of the scariest days of human life will hit this month on January 13th. So, get ready and mark this moment with a thrilling casino game- Scary Rich 3! Awarded with the “Game of the Month” for January 2017, you can expect the unexpected and have the scariest experience of your lifetime!



It’s time to get in a tremendous, horrific and out of this world experience with Scary Rich 3! This classic slot game has 50 paylines and 5 reels, which await you with 666 Free Spins, spectacular Wilds, extraordinary Multipliers and a 5000-coin jackpot. In addition, of course, you’ll have many scary moments which will guide you through this engrossing game provided by Rival Gaming. In Scary Rich 3, the Wild symbol is played by a werewolf, who is going to substitute all symbols, except the Scatter symbol, which is played by the baron. 3 or more Scatter symbols will open the Free Spins round and the avalanche of free spins will start (3x Scatter symbols= 6 Free Spins, 4X Scatter symbols=66 Free Spins and 5X Scatter symbols= 666 Free Spins). The presence of Wild symbol during the Free Spins round will raise all your winnings. The minimum/maximum coin size is $0.01 and $0.25, but, in case you have the winning paylines, it will allow you to win the big jackpot of 5000 coins. The game story is tailored after some of the best horror pictures, meaning you’ll have to follow the main character in a haunted mansion where there is a heavy army of bad things, which will haunt you (like clanking keys, green monsters with hideous faces, terrific skulls, helmets of ancient chevaliers or floating lanterns). Each of these normal symbols will open some awards in the game: for 3 to 5 skulls you will get 60 coins, 3-5 nice guys will give you 100 coins, 3-5 fat ladies will reward you with 200 coins, 3-5 clanking keys will give you 300 coins, 3-5 green horror monsters will reward you with 400 coins, while 3-5 pretty girls will open the 600-coin prize for you. The Wild symbol acts like a multiplier, meaning: 2 Wild symbols= 2X your prize, 3 Wild symbols= 5X your prize’s value, 4 Wild symbols= 10X your prize. There’s no progressive jackpot in this game, but all these multipliers and 666 Free Spins will help you to enrich your winnings, so you won’t need such jackpot.


If you do not like to keep inserting coins, use the “select Coins” button, which will help you to bet between 1 to 9 coin values. The RTP value is 93.85%, which means a high volatility of the game; therefore, you will need to take your chance and play it correctly when appears. The decent chances offer you odd to win, but only a few, so take great care how you play them!



Great adrenaline, pure thrilling moments, scary wilds and other symbols coupled with 666 Free Spins are wonderfully combined in this perfect horror game! That’s why Scary Rich 3 gets the “Game of the Month” for January 2017 and invites you to join all its terrific symbols in a unique adventure on January 13th. Enjoy!


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