Responsible Gambling

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Jan 14, 2022

Responsible gambling

Gambling has gone through drastic changes with the evolution of the internet and the iGaming market is growing at a rapid pace. While this is a great thing it also brought problems. 

According to specialized studies from BeGambleAware and other organizations, compulsive gambling also went through a drastic increase in the number of cases recently.

Because we understand the gravity of the matter, here on NonStopBonus we don’t spare any effort to help our readers stay informed and aware of this problem.


Our goal is to help our users enjoy gambling only for the right reasons, to have fun, and not see it as a way to escape problems or to make a living out of it.

This article is designed to provide you with all the resources needed in case you think that you or your loved ones might have a gambling problem.

How casino regulators ensure that you’re gambling responsibly

How casino reulators ensure that you

Many consider that a gambling problem is only an issue for the player and it doesn’t affect the casino operators or game providers. Some might think that instead, it actually helps them because they can take advantage of this thing.

This can’t be more inaccurate. It is quite the contrary. Each gambler with a problem affects the market and  here is why:

Let’s say for example that you had a big loss and you seek out professional help which will clearly keep you off gambling for a while or even forever in some cases.

Each player that quits even for a short while affects the market because, without players, there would not be any cash flow and the market would collapse. 

This is precisely why all casino operators and all software developing companies will strive to protect players and keep them safe. More players that gamble responsibly and for longer periods of time automatically means more clients.

All trustworthy reputable casinos understand this and will partner up with specialized institutions to help players that have an addiction. 

Besides, operators will often provide extensive support and guidelines to help players discover they have a problem in the early stages and there are some that will even restrict the players’ access to gambling if they identify a potential problem. 

Here are some of the features a reputable online casino will offer to help you stay in the right lane:

  • Reality checks - This is a feature that a gambling operator will use to identify which player may have a problem and announce it. If your gambling sessions exceed a certain period of time, the casino will send you a notice to let you know that you have been gambling for 1h, 2h, etc. and remind you to take a break. 

  • Compulsive gambling behaviour tracking - Many casino operators will use software to track your gambling activity and flag your account if they detect any sort of behaviour that can be associated with problematic gambling. 


The operator will check if you spend more than you normally do, if you play for longer periods of time or if you make more deposits than normal.

  • Deposit and withdrawal limits - This feature is offered by gambling operators but you can also set it yourself with many transfer methods. You can clearly set just how much you want to spend in a gambling session or in a month. 

Because credit and debit cards have high limits, there are many countries where these payment methods are not allowed.  

  • History of gambling activity - A casino operator will offer you your whole gambling history so you can draw a conclusion and see if there are any alterations in the pattern, for example, if you gambled more money or for longer periods of time in a certain moment. 

  • Self-Exclusion -  This one is very similar to taking breaks. There is a feature at online casinos that you can use to exclude yourself from the specific website for a while. 

If you have a hard time doing so or if by any means you have accounts opened at multiple online casinos, you can seek help from independent organizations like GAMSTOP that will let you exclude from multiple platforms at the same time. 

  • Autoplay controls - Many games have autoplay functions that can be more simple or complex. Before starting the autoplay function the game will ask you to set certain limits for losses.

  • Take A Break - You have the option to take a break for a certain period of time from 24 hours to even months. This is great to keep your gambling under a tidy schedule.

  • Standard account termination - A standard procedure that allows you to permanently close your account at a certain casino at any time you desire. 

  • Bonus legislation - Some countries or territories have certain pieces of legislation designed for extra protection for the players. For example, in Sweden casinos are only allowed to offer a welcome bonus without any other free promotions. 

As you can see, there are many features available at a specific gambling operator or online to help you keep gambling in check without becoming addicted, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your own part in the process.

To help in the matter, we have a couple of tips below on how you can continue to gamble responsibly and how you can quickly find out if this problem affects you or not. 

How to determine if you have a gambling problem

How to determine if you have a gambling problem

A problem can’t be fixed unless it is addressed properly. 

Gambling addiction is not easy to notice in its early stages and that is why we have prepared a short test that can give you a clue if you show symptoms of gambling addiction. 

  • Do you ignore other important tasks or activities in your life to gamble for extended periods of time?

  • Do you constantly feel the urge of raising the wager in an attempt to have more fun?

  • Do you experience any sort of mood swings, aggressive behaviour or irritability after a gambling session, especially after an unlucky one?

  • Do you use gambling as a means to forget about other problems?

  • Do you borrow cash to fund gambling sessions or cover a loss, or did you do that in the past?

  • Do you avoid telling others about your gambling sessions?

  • Do you avoid telling your close ones about a loss?

  • Do you find yourself trying to gamble only to win back a previous loss?

  • Is your social life affected by your gambling activities?

  • Did you ever consider committing a crime to finance your gambling sessions?

  • Do you gamble when you have bad moments in your life?

  • Are your gambling sessions associated with another habit like drugs or alcohol?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more questions in this list, you should consider talking to a gambling addiction specialist. This does not automatically mean that you have a gambling problem. It just means that you might be in a danger zone and you need to be cautious. 


The test above should be taken more as a guideline. You can take a completely anonymous, more specialized gambling addiction test provided by

9 tips for gambling responsibly

9 Tips for gambling responsibly

Even if you don’t have a gambling problem that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always be careful about your gambling habits. Here are 10 tips that any player can use to keep their gambling habits under control. 

  • Gambling is for entertainment, not a source of income - Gambling should always be seen as a hobby and not a means to make money. Surely, there are professional gamblers that do this for a living, but that doesn’t apply to the casual player. 

  • Wager wisely - Instead of betting everything on a single session, you should spread your balance into tinier, multiple sessions. This way, you can play more often and if a loss occurs it won’t damage your bankroll or your mood. 

  • Set some limits - Set some clear limits on how much you are willing to spend in a gambling session or over a period of time, for example in a month, and try not to go above your own limit. 

  • Inform yourself - Don’t rush to play new games for real cash. Instead, take some time, test the games for free, and once you have decided that the game is right for you and you feel comfortable playing it you should move on and invest real cash in it.

  • Don’t try to cover a loss right away - In the casino, you can’t win them all. That’s why it’s called gambling. When a loss inevitably appears, try to call it a day and move on. Instead of trying to win it back when you are stressed and tired, you can come back some other day when you are able to make better decisions. 

  • Don’t gamble in bad moments - You should never gamble if you’re having problems in your life. Gambling is fun indeed but it should not be used as a way to avoid other problems. 

  • Find additional hobbies - Don’t rely strictly on gambling as a way to spend your free time. Try to find more hobbies and alternate between them. This way, you can also easily control how much you spend gambling. 

  • Keep a record - When you are having fun it’s easy to lose track or forget how much time you have spent gambling or how much money you have invested. Try to keep a record of your gambling sessions' playtime and the amounts you have gambled. Also, don’t forget to constantly check the records to see if there was an increase in any of them. 

  • Seek professional help - If you notice even the slightest change of habit in your gambling session, for example, you invest more or you play more, don’t hesitate to seek specialized help from an authorized institution.

The secrets of a responsible gambling session

The secrets of a responsible gambling session

Don’t just ditch problem gambling as being harmless. If it wouldn’t be a problem, affiliate websites like ours, governments, casino operators, and actually a whole industry wouldn’t make so many efforts to protect players against it. 

If you ever have doubts about your gambling habits and you think that things might go off-track, you should take some time and reflect upon them. What’s most important is to be really honest about your gambling habits to determine if and when a problem arises.

Surely, if you had one day when you gambled more or you wagered slightly more than you normally would and that’s an isolated case that doesn’t automatically make you a problem gambler. 

However, because addictive gambling is a serious issue, even the slightest change in your habits has to be carefully analyzed and acknowledged. If you ever have a hard time doing an objective analysis of your gambling habits, never hesitate to seek professional help.

There are plenty of independent organizations like BeGambleAware or Gamblers Anonymous that may provide you with all the information necessary and can guide you through the whole process.

Responsible gambling research materials

Responsible gambling research materials

Gambling addiction is a serious problem according to the studies made by experts at MedicalNewsToday and other specialized organizations like BeGambleAware. Our main goal is to help all players learn the risks of gambling addiction and how to gamble responsibly.

As shown in this article there are many resources that can help you with all the information needed, specialized help, or ways to protect yourself. We strongly recommend you to visit  GamCare and Gam-Anon to learn more about addictive gambling. 


Gambling should be fun and not a way to get more income. If the fun stops and problems appear, you should seek professional guidance as soon as possible.

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