November is bringing some serious excitement to NonStopBonus with GameBeat's freshest release – the thrilling Wolf of Wild Street slot

Taking a cue from the legendary "Wolf of Wall Street" movie, this animated adventure invites players to join the wild ride through the realms of high finance and all that excess we love. 

Now, let's dig into the deets of this game that's promising round-the-clock excitement!


Take a seat at a cluttered desk and soak in the view of the New York skyline.

The game's backdrop offers a glimpse into the chaotic yet charming world of Wall Street, where the hustle and bustle of the city unfolds against the sleek skyscrapers. 

It's like peeking out from a messy desk onto the vibrant streets below, creating an atmosphere that's both down-to-earth and infused with the essence of high finance. 

This unique setup sets the stage for a gaming experience that's both relatable and captivating.

wolf of wild street screenshot

Gamble feature

Hold onto your seat because "Wolf of Wild Street" has a cool surprise in store. They've added a special gamble feature that's a bit out of the ordinary. 

Imagine a target with four sections, each hiding a little multiplier secret. 
Grab a tiny animal character, take aim, and give it a throw. Hit the hidden multiplier, and you get another shot at tossing. 

It's like a low-key thrill ride, adding a touch of risk and reward that echoes the high-stakes vibes of the game!

wolf of wild street gamble feature


Check out the symbols in the game – they're like a chill, dialed-down version of fancy real-life stuff. You'll spot things like car keys, credit cards, and even pill bottles. 

Each symbol is a little nod to the high life from the movie, adding a touch of that extravagant vibe to the whole scene. 

It's all about keeping things relatable while still rocking that overall theme.

wolf of wild street paytable


Get ready to dive into the world of Wolf of Wild Street by GameBeat – it's like Wall Street's glitz and glamour meets online slots! 

The theme pulls you in, the gameplay is just right, and there's this cool gamble feature that adds some extra spice. 

If you're all about the thrill and looking for some good entertainment, this slot's got your back. 

Get set to howl with joy as you cruise through the financial district in this epic slot. 

Don't pass up the chance – give it a spin, try your luck, and go after those wild wins!

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